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Upcoming Events


Wednesday Class
Elementary Program:

Middle School Classes:
8:00-8:25 – Worship and Devotional
8:30-9:40 – Grammar
9:50- 11:00 – Drive Thru History
11:10 -12:20 Apologia Gen Science
1:00-3:00 World Changers (middle-high school only)

High School Classes:
8:00-8:25 – Worship and Devotional
8:30-10:25 – Physical Science Lecture
8:30- 10:25 –Advanced Writing
10:30-12:30 – American History/American Literature
10:30-12:30- Marine Biology Lecture
12:30 – 12:55 -Lunch
1:00-3:00 - Biblical World View
1:00-3:00 –World History
1:00-3:00 - Total Health


Monday Class
8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
8:00-8:25- Worship and Devotional
8:30-9:25-Pre Calculus
8:30- 10:25 –Drama
8:30 -10:25- Physical Science Lab
9:30-10:30 – Algebra II
10:30-11:30 - Geometry
10:30-12:30 –Marine Biology Lab
10-30-12:30 – Foundations in Writing with Grammar
11:30-12:30 – Algebra I
Lunch is from 12:30 – 1:00
12:30-1:30 - Pre Algebra
1:00-3:00 – Art of Communication
Verse of the Day

Romans 13:8

“[Love Fulfills the Law] Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.”


Registrations will be held in the Fellowship Hall of St. James United Methodist Church 2049 N. Honore Ave. Sarasota on April 11th & 12th, 2014 from 10am-2pm.  

For more information, please contact us at or call Lynne at (941)780-9021.

Thank you for visiting The Bridge!

The Bridge is a non-profit, a 'la-carte, homeschool educational program for K-12th grade students in the Sarasota and Bradenton area.  It was created through the growing educational needs of you, the families in our community.  We believe this endeavor was birthed out of a need for a Christ-centered homeschool educational program with our number one goal of coming alongside our families with a spirit of love and encouragement.  We believe we have followed God’s prompting to bring about The Bridge.

The Bridge is honored to partner with St. James United Methodist Church for our meeting location. We are also excited to share their facilities with  Mr. D. Math (Dennis DiNoia) for excellence in mathematics. (Please note: Mr D Math handles his own registrations and has his own fees.  If you are interested in any of his classes, please visit Mr. D Math for more information.)

We give all thanks to God and the precious families and businesses who have encouraged this journey.

Please be blessed and join us as we journey on The Bridge toward educational excellence!


We are so excited to announce our 2014-2015 Elementary Program! The Bridge Elementary Program consists of 3 classes with the option of 2 Monday classes for older elementary students as well as 4H.  This program is NOT A ’la carte with the exception of optional Monday courses and 4H.

Elementary Program Classes are as follows:  

{click here for the Elementary Schedule}  {class descriptions}

  • Apologia Zoology 3: Land Animals
  • Bible
  • Westward Expansion in American History
  • IEW Writing (3rd-5th grade)
  • How Great Thou Art (3rd-8th grade)
  • 4-H (optional club)

Below is the list of fall classes that will be offered at The Bridge A` la carte:

Middle School Classes are as follows:

{click here for MS class schedule} {class descriptions}

  • Apologia Chemistry/Physics (6th/7th grade)
  • Apologia Physical Science (7th/8th grade)
  • American History- Pioneers & Explorers 
  • Grammar I & II
  • How Great Thou Art (3rd-8th grade)
  • The Bridge Clubs {4H & World Changers- optional}

On Campus Non Bridge Classes offered:

  • Pre Algebra - offered by Mr. D Math  (Mr.D handles his own registrations, please visit his site for more information)

High School Classes are as follows:

{click here for HS class schedule} {class descriptions}

  • Economics/Personal Finance
  • Apologia Biology & Lab
  • Apologia Human Anatomy & Lab
  • Foundations in Writing and Grammar
  • Creative Writing
  • American Literature/ American History 
  • World History/ World Literature
  • Spanish I
  • American Government/Political Science
  • Life Strategies & Highly Effective Habits for Teens
  • Art of Argument- a class on Critical Thinking
  • Introduction to Business, Management, & Career Pathways
  • Art
  • Intro to Apologetics
  • Computer Skills & Strategies
  • Young Conservatives {optional club}

On Campus Non Bridge Classes offered:

  • Pre Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre Calculas - offered by Mr. D Math
  • (Mr.D handles his own registrations, please visit his site for more information) 





Contact Us  
The Bridge Sarasota *(mailing address only)
5077 Fruitville Road
Suite 109 PMB 123
Sarasota, Florida 34232
Telephone: 941-780-9012
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