American History

Day Course Instructor Time Grade Level
American History Alex Gonzalez 9:30am - 11:00am 8th-12th

American History

Instructor:  Alex Gonzalez  (click name for full bio)

Day & Time: Tuesdays from 9:30am-11:00am

Grade Level:  High school (8th-12th) 

Course Description

Exploring America is an American history high school curriculum combining American history, American literature, and Bible. It will give your high school student a rich understanding of our nation’s past as he reads the history narrative, reads classic American literature, completes writing assignments, and studies what the Bible says about issues and ideas in American history.

Required Purchase:

  • Notgrass -Exploring America UPDATED EDITION 2014 Curriculum package (comes with Exploring America book 1 and 2 and American Voices).  PLEASE NOTE: We will be using Book 2 and not Book 1, and the American Voices book is not required, but it all comes together as a package  and cannot be purchased separately.  Please check amazon, ebay, abebooks or other sources for used copies.
  • Notgrass- Exploring America quiz and exam pack 2014 (comes with Quiz and exam book and Student Review book)

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